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There are several factors that can determine your internet speed.

First, Its important to note that our service is not the same as a Phone service. You will not be able to achieve the same speeds you do on your AT&T Cellphone. This is because Hotspots by default are programmed to have a lower priority on the tower.

Due to many different factors, Geo-locations, and congestion: we aren't able to promise any set speed or signal.

Some self help things you can try to attempt to improve your speeds are:

  • Try to move your device to a different location in your home, to see if a different side of the house gets better signal.
  • Try another device, if available to ensure the issue isn't with your device.
  • In many cases, Speed issues will clear themselves automatically within 24 hours, Especially if the speed is related to congestion.

Unless your service is entirely out, There is nothing our support can do to help increase speed hundreds of miles away. Several factors can play a part in why speeds would decrease, and most problems correct themselves over time.

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